Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Back to life

It has been a long weekend. I came back from Somewhere on monday afternoon, and met Umami and Ree  after class. Umami texted us saying we had to do emergency shopping for grouceries, and there we went.
RACK pose
'Girls', Ree said, 'you wont believe it when i tell you about my weekend!'
OPOPOP Hadron V#2  Mesh Goggles and Lamoone Mesh Dress
B!ASTA:REMINISCENCE: Heels . Rosebud . for SLink high
* Inkheart * Charming Eyes - Light Blue
Starry Heaven pose

I dont think yours can be crazier than mine', Umami rolled her eyes making us laugh.
The Thrift shop Barely Legal Couture - LUSH Boot Heels (Spiked)
Feeb's Rascals St.  WTB MARZIA HEART BUTTONS dress
Marukin Pose
'What about you, DD?'
::Designer Circle::.  StormCrow Design's *Esther* complete outfit
Le Poppycock- poses 
I smiled and said, 'I went somewhere and did something with someone'.
'What the hell...', Ree looked at me for a second and then began laughing. She pushed us. 'Hurry girls, I cant wait to hear and tell... oh, and grab some beers, Umi. Its going to be a long night!'
Night of beers on monday? Oh my :)

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