Sunday, February 22, 2015

My someone

There was an airfield for the plane to land. I was still in shock , but I did my best to pretend I was ok, cause i  saw some worried looks in Rum's eyes.
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A man was waiting for us at the airfield. He hugged Rum and joked with him about his good timing, cause he said they were wating for a big storm in few hours that wouldnt have allowed us to land in the island.
He gave Rum the house and the car's keys and left.
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Rum talked about his grandad in our way to the house. He loved the old man very much, and he said he still missed him. Again I tried to look natural and follow the conversation, but I was all the time thinking,  a private island? a private plane? OMG  And what do I really know about this boy? I didnt even know that he could drive.
The house looked lovely. The lights were on, and it seemed to be welcoming us.
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EYELURE Sweatshirt
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Trough the wide windows the place looked warm and friendly.
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Rum said nobody lived there . But obviously someone was taking care of it cause it didnt have the abandoned look of those houses that only have guests time to time.
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APHRODITE "Winter Lovenest" Couple Home

It was not luxury, it was just ... perfect.
I was going to say how nice it looked, when Rum turned me to him, and pushed me, carefully but with decision against the wall.
APHRODITE "Winter Lovenest" Couple Home
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He bent to me, his eyes on mine, our foreheads almost touching.
'DD', he whispered, 'this is not me'.
His grey eyes were full of worry.
'Rum, what...?'
'I mean, the plane, the island, the... whatever. This is part of my life, ok? I cant avoid it. But its not me. I dont want to be this to you'.
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I rubbed his cheek, and he took my hand and kissed my fingers.
'Since I told you about Somehwere, you are silent and... scared?'
'Shocked', I admitted. 'I knew your family is rich, but this is a bit too much', I smiled, but he was not joking. 'Hey', I whispered, 'I fell for you when i didnt know you had islands and private planes. This is not what I love of you, Rum. Its shocking, but its... fun, like being in a movie. But I am scared cause I am not the kind of girl who fits in here'.

He kept silent, just looking at me. I meant what i was saying. I was terrified.
'This cant work', I thought, and I felt so sad my eyes filled with tears.
'DD, no please, are you crying?'
'I dont want to lose you, and I will, cause this is not my world, this is not my place,...'
He covered my mouth with his hand.
'If its not your place, isnt mine either. DD, I dont mind where and how, as long as you are there'.
'I love you'.
He smiled. And this was his adorable, shiny, intoxicating smile again.
'Wow, I have my someone in Somewhere. Nobody could ask for more'.
'Ill be Someone as long as you arent Nobody', I said.
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'Deal. Let's have some hot choc?'
And St Valentine's didnt finish yet...

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