Friday, February 27, 2015

Now you can have it!

You know im studying to be a journalist. Rum just got some amazing stuff for me to work with my tablet, and Im practicing with a discounts and sales page... Now you can have it!

Loordes Of London-Thrift Shoppe Secret Wednesday Police line
Tuty poses  
fi*Friday Fashion House
Loordes of London-Amherst Pumps-Leather and Skivvy In Vogue dress
Tuty poses  
THE WASH Loordes of LondonLa Boheme Ceramic Earrring-Blue (10L!)
Loordes Of London-Thrift Shoppe A Double Chemise 55L Thursday Sale
 Loordes of London Allier Slacks
EMME pose
* Inkheart *  Charming eyes Silence French manicure
THE WASH Loordes of London  Jewelery  (10L item) 

The best in pinterest :)