Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beware of the trained dobermans

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The taxi stopped at the iron fence, at the beginning of  the road on the little hill that drove to the awesome building that Rum called home.
It was a huge place, surrounded by a nice garden.
My heart pounded like crazy while we got out of the car, and I saw the taxi driver looking at us, clearly thinking, 'what are those kids doing here'.
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Vestige poses Travel poses
Then Rum said, 'ok, now we have to jump over the fence, give me your bag'.
'We what?'
He smiled and took a little device from his pocket.
'Naaaaa, I have the superkey'. 
I smiled back, and he put his arm around my shoulders.
'Walk close to me, this way the trained dobermans wont bite you'.
'OMG!', he couldnt help laughing and I punched his chest, ' you are an idiot!'
'Yes, but you love me anyway, dont you?'
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I kissed him. I knew what he was doing, trying to distract me and make me relax.
We climbed the road slowly, with  lights at both sides, directing us to the front door that looked a bit unreal, like something you only see in a screen, in the cinema. Rum began talking about the garden,
here he broke his arm when he was seven, there his brother and him buried all their saved coins as the pirate treasure... and never could find the place again... look, they tied the nanny to that tree and made her promise she wouldnt make them eat the pea soup...
I smiled at his stories while thinking 'oh my, Im crazy for you' .
I was decided to do my best to make this weekend a great success.
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(to be continued)
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