Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I am going to meet his mom!

Rum will be out this weekend, because its his mom's birthday party.
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So  I was very surprised when i saw him sitting on the building's front stairs, smoking and playing with his tablet when i came back home this afternoon from class.
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'Rum? Oh my, its you!', I shouted and ran to him.
He got up smiling, looking so happy to see me too, making me feel the most wonderful girl in the world.
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'Why? I mean, what...? I mean, wooooot!' I said, covering him in kisses, and he laughed, holding me close.
'I missed you, love, I missed you so so so much...'
Suddenly,  I had the feeling something was wrong. I thought, ' he is going to tell me something that I wont like, and he doesnt want to say it by message or phone'.
'Is everything ok?'
'Yes', I looked at him in silence and he added, 'it is, but... Come, lets have a coffee somewhere, and I tell you about it'.
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We walked to the nearest cafe, and he directly said, 'my mom has invited the princess at her party'.
I looked at my cup of coffee. What? That horrible girl? I felt bad and didnt want him to notice when I asked,'Why?'
'Cause her family is friends with mine, her parents will be there, and also, my brother is going out with her sister, and ... hey, look at me', i did,  and he said with a serious voice, 'and cause my mom is an idiot. I dont give a damn, but I dont want you to know somehow and think Im hiding or something'.
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I took his hands and couldnt help smiling.'And cause I thought... maybe you would like to come with me? '
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I opened my mouth in disbelieve. What? Was he introducing me to his family?
'If you say no way, I will understand. I wouldnt go either, if i could avoid it...'
'Rum, are you serious? Do you want me to meet your mom... and the rest of them?'
'No', and he smiled,' I would want to runaway, alone with you, not sharing you with anybody. But as I have to go there, would you please please please come with me and help me to survive it?'

So girls, I am going to meet the Van der Kerks, and not even knowing his ex is going to be there really matters. My boyfriend wants me to meet his family! 

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