Friday, April 24, 2015

Last minute details

Time to meet 'dad and Jules'.
I told myself they couldnt be worse than 'mom', and wore my best smile when they entered the breakfast lounge.

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Jules, (Julian Jr), is a handsome guy (not as much as his brother, though :P )
He came to us smiling, kissed my cheek and said, 'glad to meet you, DD'.
I was afraid he was not going to like me just because he was going out with the princess' sister, but he was quite nice.

Mr. Van Der Kerk, (call me Julian, hun, nice to meet you), was the first person who seemed really
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pleased to have me there.

He was much older than Angela, who began talking about her 45 birthday party as the only important event in the world.
Her husband and her elder son got a never ending list of last minute things to do.
And she had something for Rum, too.
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'The De la Fue girls will arrive at noon. I need you to pick them up at the airport, Morris'.

She was so so sorry the girls' parents couldnt come to the party, they had a meeting they coudnt avoid, but had been so lovely to send Anna Maria and the Princess.
Of course I didnt like the idea, and of course, if Rum was going to pick them up, I was going with him.

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