Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thank you, SuperButler

I didnt dare to move. Cause the door had opened and someone had entered.
Moving as you move when you dont want to be heard. Slipping slowly.
I just could think of the empty, long, silent corridors i had walked with Angela to get to my isolated room. Who would hear me if I called for help?
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Call 007. That was what Rum had told me.
The phone was on the bedside table. The numbers glowed when i picked it up.

I kept my breath, looking at the dark room. Everything seemed so quiet, and yet... the slipping sound again. The deep voice in the phone almost made me scream.
'Please, help me, I think there is someone here in my room', I whispered, and feeling a bit silly I added, 'Im scared'.
'Im on my way'.
In less than four minutes (I kept checking my watch) I heard a knock on my door.
'Come in!' , I said with a tiny voice. He did it, turning lights on while he entered.

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The sudden light almost blinded me but I noticed something (small) disappearing in the bathroom.
'There!' I shouted.
'Yeah', said the deep, calm voice. 'Saw it. No worries, its Cheaps. Wonder how he got in the room'.
He went into the bathroom and came back carrying a cat. The animal jumped from his arms, looked at us with offended look, and left the room.
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'Thank you very much, and sorry to disturb you, Rum told me... I mean, Morris...'
'Rum', he said smiling. 'Yes, Rum told me he was banned from this wing. Are you comfy here? '
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I said yes yes, but my hero (loved his shirt, so appropriated :)) ) didnt seem to believe me.
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'Listen', he said, 'Im going to sit out there, at your door. You can sleep safely. No cats no nothing will disturb you'.
Woot. I couldnt accept...! But it was impossible to convince him.
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I slept like a baby.
Thanks, Super...Butler :)

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