Thursday, May 21, 2015

I really really really really ... dont like you

'I know why you are here. You are a journalist. One of those witches. And this is not a threat but an advice, if any picture or story about my family, my house or my party, appears in one of those disgusting magazines, I will send my lawyers after you. And believe me, no matter how much they pay you for selling your story, my lawyers will make you pay  it all back and more'.
The Thrift shop HEYDRA Tokyo Gloves Red 
Skullfan Tshirt Group Gift
 Kate Jeans w/HUD
Sliver Demon Wings

.:OFU:. Witch Broom With Poses
'Yes, I know you are in your first year of college, but all journalists are the same, selling everything to have a name and be rich and famous'.
 *Luckie* Ooh La La  bag  and Nerdie glasses
TAMELESS Hands Off Outfit - Cadence hair
The Thrift shop Image Essentials Clutch poses

'And listen, you are free to do as you please, but not in my home. I dont like this kind of behaviour. Yes, you know what I mean. Anna Maria was so shocked ... and so ashamed. She didnt want to tell me, but I forced her to. Poor thing, she is so sweet'.
::Designer Circle::. A Piece of Chic - Nora Pink Dress's  
IE for  Spring Fling - Spring has Sprung exclusive

'Oh, you dont know what I mean? I hate to talk about it, but, the thing is, Anna Maria saw you and Morris at the old pavillion... yes, when you were...not minding who could see you!  You know what I mean, dont make me put it in words'.
RoLu poses Dont Ever Let Go

'Believe me, you are not the first one who would do anything to get him and his money. And for sure you wont be the last one.
Let me be clear,  you are not the kind of girl I want for my son. I really ... I dont like you'

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