Sunday, May 17, 2015

Surviving the weekend

EVA AsHmOoT_Jeans Coll_Male Low Waist and Male T-Shirt
The Thrift shop Vestige Blank space poses
(from Welcome to the Royal Show)

So the princess jumped to the pool very drunk and even more naked,  and that was the end of the party.

Rum took her to her room, followed by his mom who tried to comfort Anna Maria. The girl was crying like if her sister werent drunk but dead.

I didnt know what to do, and waited by the pool till all the guests were gone.

I didnt like Rum being involved in the drama, especially cause the princess was obviously trying to have his attention one way or the other.

But what could I do, but trust him?

So I went to my bedroom, thinking  (yeehaaaaaaaaaaa) I had survived the weekend at the Van der Kerk's! I couldnt imagine the real nightmare had not begun.

EVA +Missnoise_style+ Mesh legging pant BLACK CROSS AsHmOoT_Hair Coll_Monica
Color Me Project Xen's Hats Fletcher flannel flat cap
Loordes Of London- Secret Wednesday  Turin Bandana
Loordes Of London- SSW  The hetaera sandals
Le Poppycock- poses 

(to be continued)

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