Monday, May 4, 2015

The beginning of the night

Rum kissed me, then he took a step back, repeated 'wow' and kissed me again.
Have I told you that he is best kisser ever? Well, he is.
'Im sorry if im spoiling your lipstick, but I think I need to kiss you again', he whispered.
'Go ahead', I giggled.
His mom had sent the maid for me, but he said no way.
I told him how glad I was to know I wouldnt have to appear all alone at the fancy room full of fancy people.
'Dont be scared, love', he told me, 'Im so sorry that you are having a bad time, we shouldnt have come'.
The Candy factory Krave -  Bikini gift 
ODDITY Shirt -Aldo- Hawaii 
V-Spot Urbanized Capris 
Vestige poses Morris poses and Sexy Collection poses
Diesel couple pose
'Its ok', I lied, rubbing his cheek.' To see you wearing a suit and a tie, looking so serious and elegant is worth any sacrifice' , I joked.

'You know I rather be on a desert beach with you. But its only going to last few more hours. I promise we leave tomorrow after lunch  and we will have the rest of the day for us'.
'And we better keep moving, cause if I spend one more minute thinking of you in your bikini...'

I still didnt know what a long night it was going to be.

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