Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lets take the test

So I arrived home with Rum  after the weekend with the Van der Kerks.
My boyfriend and I felt like surviving a nuclear war, and I just wanted to cuddle with him  under the covers for several days, and recover from the shock.
But another  bomb was ready to explode at the flat.
Ree thought she could be pregnant.
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Umami was doing her best to convince her to call Marlow and take the test. But Ree said she couldnt have a baby now, so she didnt want to tell Marlow.
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'That's not fair, Ree, its his baby too, he has to know and you should hear what he has to say about what to do. I am sure he wont disappoint you', I said, trying to sound soothing and convincing.

'And he will support you whatever you want to do, keeping the baby or not', Umami told her, squeezing her hands.
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'You dont understand', she said, and she looked really desperate. 'Its not about wanting or not. Its just that we cant do this now. And I know him, I know what he is going to say. A baby would ruin his life, he loves his career, he ... NO way, I am not telling him'.

I knew what she meant. But she couldnt take Marlow's decisions.
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Rum had been quiet, and now he bent to me whispering he was out for a minute to buy cigarettes. Ree stopped him with a 'dont dare to call him', but Rum shrugged and said 'no worries'.

About thirty minutes later, he came back.
With Marlow, of course. Our friend looked a bit shocked, but calm enough to face a furious Ree and defend Rum.
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Ree cursed a bit, and ended up crying in Marlow's arms.

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So, Ree accepted to take the test, and Rum made appear one he had bought with Marlow in their way home.
'Oh my, this cant be happening',  Ree cried, ' we cant have a baby now, how would we manage?'
Marlow kissed her. 'Hey blondie, lets see what the test says, ok?'
Rum had been at the door, coping with Ree's anger in silence, but suddenly he talked.
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'Guys, this is something you both have to talk and decide. But please let me tell you something. Whatever you decide, dont make it a question of money. If the problem is the money, forget about it, cause you have the money, ok?
There was a silence.
 'You cant do that, why would you?', Ree looked at him in disbelieve.
Rum smiled at Marlow.
'Ohhhhh Havent you told her that we are blood brothers?'
'Thank you very much, bro', Marlow said, softly, and then with his usual bold, fun tone,' but why dont we first take the fu**ing test?'

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