Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A hacker's story: You almost fooled me.

I hacked the math department and got the exam. I was smart enough to not go for an A+...  C+ would do and would help my not being noticed.
The day after the test, I got a mail from the math department, asking me to meet the director. I knew I was fu***d, and I went to the meeting ready to apologize like crazy. I knew my chances to stay in college, probably any college,  were 0/100 or less.
Mr. Brad Eans was a man in his late forties. He wore casual and looked smart.
He didnt waste our time, he just said, hello, Mr. Van der Kerk,  take a sit. It was a nice try, you almost fooled me, where did you learn to hack?
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He was not angry, just curious, so we began talking.
To make a long story short, he  offered me to enter his team. He had created a team, known as The Solar Platforms Project. They were working  to create a computerized high complexity system of solar platforms to work in the desert. The members of the team were recruited among the best hackers of the college. I didnt ask stupid questions as 'but why do you need hackers to create platforms'. Obviously, that was only the cover. I think Mr Eans liked that.

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'I think you fit, but I will need to have  the  team opinion', he said, thoughful. 'In case you were interested, of course'.
'I dont specially fancy solar platforms', I admitted. 'But Id like to know more about how your team works'.

Mr Eans laughed and asked me to meet him next saturday, at his home.
What I liked the most was that he didnt tell me something stupid neither,  like, 'this is confidential' , 'dont tell anybody'...
He seemed to, somehow, plainly trust me.
And, of course, what i appreciated most,  he didnt eject me from school in spite of my cheating.

(to be continued)

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