Wednesday, July 29, 2015

... And my boyfriend is a hacker

My one and only has that little problem with the sleep hours, you know...
Exactly, he doesnt sleep. Well, he does , three or four hours as much.
Usually he gets up and goes running or works in his school papers, reads all the newspapers on line, and writes on his thesis about solar platforms.
But it was saturday early (3.48am) and we are on holidays. When I dont have to go to class, he usually sits on bed by my side with his lap, and I cuddle close to him, the soft click-click of his keyboard as a lullaby.
So thats what we did this saturday early morning, and I was falling asleep again when the most horrible noise made me jump in bed.
It was a sort of air raid alarm, so loud that I almost fell off the bed. It lasted less than ten seconds, but seemed eternal.
'OMG,what the hell was that?', I whispered, absolutely terrified.
But what followed didnt help to make me feel better.
Rum had literally torn up the back of his lap and emptied most of his pieces. He took his mobile without a word and sent a quick text. Then he turned it off , and got up while saying,
'love, I need to use your lap for a minute, may I?'
'My lap? Sure, but what happens? What was that alarm?'
Next second the girls were knocking the door in panic
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I ran to the door, and did my best to calm them down, though I didnt know what to say, just something in Rum's lap went wrong.
 Ree and Umami looked at Rum, who smiled at them while typing non stop on my laptop, and Ree said that noise had been the most scary thing ever, 'so please, be sure you disconnect it'.
They went back to bed, though Umi kept looking at me as wanting to be sure it was safe to leave me alone with such a maniac.

I watched the maniac connect a external hard disk to my lap, telling me he was keeping all my info, no worries, and then in front of my eyes, he took a little screwdriver from his bag, opened my computer and removed most of it!
He threw all the pieces in his bag  without a blink, exactly the same he did with his super extra expensive lap.

Then he seemed to relax, and looked at me with a smile.
'What is this all about?' I whispered.
'No worries, love,...'
He moved to me and I stepped back.
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'Dont 'love' me now, Rum, you are acting like a lunatic with a crazy alarm that rings in the middle of the night to tell him is time to destroy all the laptops around...
'Im sorry', he said, 'and Im not crazy, come to bed, please'.
'Tell me whats going on'.
He looked at me with that guilty face that makes him look so young. But this time I was really scared, and fear made me angry.
'The noise was the alarm I have set in my laps, to prevent someone to hack me and track me'.
I took a big breath. Damn rich families.
'So someone was hacking you to get your money?'
He looked even guiltier. And very uncomfortable.
'Well... not exactly'.
'Then? Why a hacker would want to hack you?'
'Cause I am a hacker too'.
(to be continued)

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