Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I cant help worrying

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FLAWLESS More Than Ever Sunrise Tie Dye Tee & Sunbleached Shorts
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'Ree, you know i love the guy to pieces, but, dont you think his being here will distract DD too much from exams?'
''C'mon, she is distracted whenever he is close or not, she cant stop thinking of him'.
'Yeah, but... I mean, I miss Silence so much too, but I couldnt concentrate if he were around!'
Tori's Stylez Top and Jeans-Kelly
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'I know, but we cant say anything, ok? Do you want her angry at us?'.
'You are right... I guess. But DD thinks Rum is like... too good to be true. She is getting so depending, it scares me he can hurt her someway'.
'Night, and doooont worry. He is a nice, kind, normal guy. Just extremely rich :P'.
'Yes... that too. Night, hunnie'.

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