Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My boyfriend is a super model (ugh)

Dont get me wrong.
Plowwies Anna-Rosa  outfit 
Vestige poses Scarlett poses
I am super proud of him.
He is not only cute, but intelligent, and romantic, and an artist, a real magician when he has to take a pic, Im sure in the future, he will be even a more famous photographer than his famous grandad.
But to get some money he is accepting those modeling jobs... and damn, he seems to be quite good at it too!
Body Factory  Badass Jacket w/ Sunglasses and Walker case
And its not that I am jealous or I dont trust him, he is always calling me and he has not changed at all.
Plowwies  Charlotte-Sophie outfit
Vestige poses  Talking on telephone poses
But believe me, its not easy when your boyfriend suddenly becomes a super model!
Plowwies Mette-Marit outfit
 skbio poses

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