Friday, August 21, 2015

I will be alright

'Marlow will be here in five minutes. Are you sure you dont want to come with us? '
'Yep, sure, but thank you, Ree'.
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'I still think you should come with me, hunnie. I know the trip is a pain, but Silence will come to pic us up at the train station'.
'No Umi, thanks. Girls. I really need to organize some papers before the classes begin next week, Ill be ok'.

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'I cant help worrying. Since the night of the crazy alarm, something happened. Rum left, why? His classes have not begun, I though their plans were to stay together...'
'Umi, sweety, stop it, ok? He said he had family things to take care of, and you know how horrible that family is. DD is pissed off cause he left,  but thats all'.
Image Essentials Body shots
' I hope so'.
'Umiiiiiiiiii... I think you really need to meet your cute boyfriend and forget about the world around for a while'.
'Yeah... Me too. Here comes Marlow, thank you guys for giving me a ride to the station'.

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