Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sometimes, heroes dont come back

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Umi arrived in the middle of the hurricane. When your relationship is in trouble , the last thing you need is calling your boy and having his ex girlfriend answering his mobile.
Ree was almost as shocked as I was. I told her I couldnt believe Rum was cheating on me, and if he were, he would never allow his bitchy ex to answer my call.

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My friend did her best to be discreet and avoided giving me her opinion.
Rum called a couple of times but I didnt answer.
Then Umami arrived. She wanted to know why Rum and I were having problems, and again I told her that it was something i couldnt talk about, but he was doing nothing bad...
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Then she said in her opinion, I should wait for him to call again , answer the phone and see what the ex was doing there.
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'If they are together, if he wants to be with her, its his chance to tell you. If this is another strategy of that witch, he will be angry at her and will let you know'.
So I sat and waited.
But when the phone rang, it was granny.

She wanted me to come home on friday so I could help her organizing mom's birthday party.

And she asked me if I thought it would be ok to invite my boyfriend.

Suddenly I was crying and  telling her all about Rum's dangerous  activities, and how scared I was.
I didnt know if granny was going to understand even what a hacker was, but there was something she understood.

'Wow.  Times change, now its about internet wars, uh?  
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But about nineteen years ago, your mom came to me crying cause her boyfriend had asked her to marry him. 
 She loved him but she was scared. He was a marine, and he was about joining a secret special force in the middle east... Your mom was scared about his safety, and about her own future with a man who would never be 100% hers...
 I told her, 'sharing your husband with your country is hard. But also its the highest pride and honor'.

Talking about dad always makes me cry, and what granny was saying was shocking... and touching.
There was no doubt about what she tought of Rum when she said, softly, ' it seems the women of this family are the heroes' kind of girl, uh?'
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We talked a bit longer, and I had just hung up when the door bell rang. The girls were in the kitchen and my bedroom is the closest to the door.
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'DD, sorry to come this way, but you didnt answer the phone, and I cant stand the idea that you could doubt for a minute that unbearable girl and I...'
I jumped to his arms. He held me so tight i thought my bones would crash but i didnt mind.
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'Promise me you will always be very careful', I whispered.

' I promise'.
I know too well that sometimes, heroes dont come back.

But I also know that for all the times Rum come back, this hero's girl will be there.
As my dad's girl was.
I love you mom.
Happy birthday


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