Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I dont like mondays either

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Monday is not my favorite day. Not only cause its the beginning of the long week of classes, but because Rum comes back to the village or I go back to the campus on sundays, so mondays are not nice. Specially if he has been with me at the flat. 
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Waking up without him on monday is the worst moment of the week.

So i usually spend the morning exchanging texts with him and classes seem never ending. 
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Ok, ok, Im being grumpy, I have made friends with many of my classmates, and I share some classes with my super crazy old friend MOna, so I really enjoy my time there.
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On mondays, Ree and I do our best to meet and have a quick coffee, but Marlow and Umi are always locked up, their schedule at Medicine School is really crazy.
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This monday morning, though, was a bit different.
We were about beginning the literature class, when a new student arrived.
(more later)

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