Monday, September 14, 2015

I have been kidnapped several times.

Mom and I had a quite stormy breakfast while talking about my boyfriend.
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It really made me sick that she had never talked to him more than five minutes and she was so sure he was a psycho just cause someone (who happens to be the princess' mom) told her that Rum is the worst human being ever.
So I was not in the mood for supermarket shopping in the afternoon, but there was a lot to buy and Silence and End were working, so I went with mom and ZsiZsi.
When you and your mom are very pissed off at each other, having a little sis like ZSiZsi its a real bless, cause she never stops talking and calling for attention.
Our car was full of food, but we had to stop at the Deli cause ZsiZsi's favorite cookies are only sold there.

Mom and I kept our word exchange to the very strict limit, so I searched for the damn cookies.
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Perfect. The store was almost empty and i had to meet one of those supermarket idiots, exactly what I needed to make my day even better. I wonder where they learn to flirt. 
I turned to him with the most sarcastic sentence on the tip of my tongue. 
But omg... for once, the freak was right.
Cause when I turned around...
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He held me but I pushed him before he could kiss me. Too late thought.
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Mom was looking at us with a terrible frown.
Rum tried his best to be kind- He introduced his friend Mac to us, he said how much ZsiZsi had grown up... 
Mom kept looking at him with a face that clearly said 'Id love to kick your butt', and suddenly asked him if he thought she had changed her mind from the last time they met, cause she had not.
I felt like crying, it was so unfair and...
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A guy with a gun tried to get the money from the store, but the shop boy was locked in his little room and was shouting ' I have called the police I have called the police!!'
Mom looked at me and whispered, 'where is your sister?' and at that moment, ZsiZsi appeared running with her cookies and chanting , 'got it got it'. And the man got HER.
I never ever had felt such a terror in my life. I had to grab mom, who was about jumping over the man, begging him to let the girl go.
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The shop boy was now very silent, and I thought he was going to open the damn door and give the man his money, but suddenly I realized he wasnt there, he had ran through a back door.
ZsiZsi was so surprised that she didnt move, but when she saw mom crying she began crying too, and fighting in the man's arms, kicking and shouting.
Then I heard Rum's calm voice.
'Hey, let the girl go. Take me. You got a big fish here, man. Dont you know who I am? A Van der Kerk. Yeah, those flithy rich people are my parents... Cmon, Ive been kidnaped several times, my dad always pays good money to have me back. Let the baby go'.
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ZsiZsi ran to mom (I almost collapsed when I saw she was stopping to grab her pack of cookies). I looked at Rum and Mac. My boyfriend was moving slowly towards the man, and suddenly...
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OMG! What a kick!! As good as Umami's!!! I didnt know he could use martial arts!!
The man lost his gun but he was big and scary and now, out of control.
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YAY!!! The boy had really called the police!
Mom was holding ZsiZsi (who was eating cookies). She put the girl on my arms and turned to Rum and Mac. 
'Thank you so much', she whispered.
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'You are very welcome, m'dam', Mac said with a funny bow.
But she was looking at Rum. He smiled and was going to say something, but mom jumped to his arms and hugged him.
As soon as she stopped crying and making peaces with my boyfriend, I ran to hold him too.
'Oh my, how could you be so super brave fighting that horrible man!' I whispered and he winked at me.
'Love, the ten minutes before he arrived were much worse, I swear I will  thank him  his interrupting my conversation with your mom, forever'.
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