Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mom & daughters (& Pip)

Last night mom was up when i came back from Wispa's party. She appeared at the kitchen when i was drinking a hot choc and began asking me about my arriving late and my staying in the yard after my friends' van was long gone.
Yeah, of course, I was with Rum and saying goodnight when you are so in love is always difficult... as mom suspected. cause she inmediately asked if I was still with him and blah blah blah till I ran to my room.

Color Me Project :: FineRain creations.::Ari Shirt Blue
Loordes of London-A Brit Keck
Steals and Deals Loordes of London The Fossils shoes
DS'ELLES- Stand 11 poses PARIS
Awwww the comforts of being home....  Dont you love it when your mom wakes you up in the early morning ?
So, today...
DD! Are ZsiZsi and you ready? I am waiting for you!
Yes mom, we will be downstairs in a minute!
Furniture pose 
EYELURE  Strappy Back Dress  & Panties - Hot Pink
EVA *CNZ* Converse Sneakers
Vestige poses
 April poses
She is taking us to have breakfast at that nice new cafe by the lake, but believe me, if I could, I would turn back and run to my bedroom again!
Last thing I feel like having is an 'I dont like your boyfriend' conversation with mom!

Furniture by Cleo

TOTSIPOP! Baby and  Clothing Denim overall set
Vestige poses Astride poses
EVA *CNZ* Converse Sneakers

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