Thursday, October 29, 2015

All ghosts have a reason to stay

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I knew Mick was going to do all his zombie tricks to keep me home, and I wanted to investigate a bit more about the haunted house.
I couldnt see any relationship between the ghosts in the haunted house and the Halloween crimes at the Circus, but, it was one of the few times I really could study a haunted place with real paranormal activity. and I wouldnt miss the chance.

So, whatever Mick's opinion was, I was going to see Eliza again, and ask her why she was in the house.

Cause ghosts always have a reason to stay. Sometimes they take a while (even centuries) to discover what their reason is, and it can be a reason that keeps them in this world for even longer, till they decide its time to go.
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Mick , for exemple. He died about one hundred years ago. He is still around, wondering why. The day he finds out, he will solve what keeps him tied to this life, and will leave.
But I dont like to think about it.
In these last three years, Ive got quite fond of my zombie friend. He comes and goes, but when im in trouble, he is always around.
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His being here now makes me feel safer, but worries me. He came cause he felt danger in this place.
But Im a ghost buster. And I am going to the hauted house again. Period.

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