Friday, November 27, 2015


So I ran, calling Mick . He appeared from a side street, pulling me to his side to distract my follower, and we ran together in the shadows, till we lost the monster. When we saw some other creatures wandering in a sort of crazy search, we knew we really needed to find a safe place.
Image Essentials  Running
We entered an old building, and climbed the stairs. 
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 Kirin Poses
A dim light kept it from darkness, and behind an open door we found a messy apartment. Was it safe? It seemed so, till we opened the wrong door.
 Kirin Poses

The fatty kept humming cheerfully while moving to us. She was as fast as a whale on the sand but not stupid. She managed to close our way to the apartment's door. Through the window, we reached a terrace. Oh no. The street was full of creatures, but my zombie friend seemed to have a solution.
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(All the rope poses in the post)

For a minute (or less) it was the most amazing experience ever, like floating in the cold wind, miraculously steady on the rope.
Then Mick said, 'Mame, could you hurry just a bit?'
'Dont look back and hurry, ok?'
And of course, I looked back.

Yeah, she wouldnt move... right?

The fatty lost balance and fell, hitting the rope with her big butt and making it shake wildly. I watched her hit the ground and get up fresh as a lettuce... and then the rope slipped through my fingers.
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  Seil Xpression pose
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(to be continued)

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