Sunday, November 29, 2015

How is this possible?

Color Me Project *dafnis MARISOL SWEETER MINT
EVA AsHmOoT_A/W Coll_Male Roll Neck Sweather/ SnW GIFT
AsHmOoT Jeans Coll_Male Low Waist
 Purple poses
I went to the movies with Rum, but I felt unable to concentrate, so we left after a while.
We all are in shock. Silence has left and nobody knows where he is.
Color Me Project *dafnis MARISOL SWEETER MINT
Le Poppycock- poses 
Color Me Project DilaVal- Louise dress -w/ Heels&Clutch
Vestige Creations Bag poses
Mom had told me he was having big arguments with End.
And it seems that after one of those arguments, he told his grandad that he (End) was suffocating him (Silence). he needed a break, and he was going to leave and be on his own for some time.
Then he called Umami and told her. And Umi asked him to allow her to go with him. Silence told her no way,  she was studying, she couldnt leave ... So they argued and he was gone.
Umi is absolutely devastated. She has always been thin and delicate, and now she is almost transparent and goes to class and back, crying and mute as a little ghost.
EVA AsHmOoT_A/W Coll_Male Roll Neck Sweather/ SnW GIFT
Vestige Creations Edward poses
Rum says we need to wait, 'give him some weeks and he is back to Umami, he is crazy for her'.

Ree and I are doing our best to cheer her up... But it seems impossible mission.

Poor Umi! We tell her Silence will be back soon, but. who knows?. And Im angry at him. There are better ways to do things, dont you think so?
ODDITY Glasses -TopGun- Retro
AsHmOoT_Male_Leather Jacket  and Jeans Coll_Male Low Waist
Vestige Creations Male travel poses

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