Sunday, December 13, 2015

And we danced barefoot on the snow

Image Essentials Snowed in - prop w/poses
'I better get the road clean before grandad arrives'.
Geek Chic Creations Men's Hooded TShirt Christmas
'Woot, I love to be here in the silence, working on my own... Its cold though... But it wont take long'
'Ops... what is that light behind the trees? A car? Someone lost?'
Color Me Project  Icons Of Style Glowing path
'Is this weird or what? There is a glowing path in the snow. Lets see where it leads'.
 Winter Trend 2015 Image Essentials   Ice Queen prop w/pose (30% off)
'How do you dare entering the Ice queen's realm?'
( What the hell? I  probably fell and hit my head with the shovel... But lets see how we get out of this!)
 Winter Trend 2015 Image Essentials  Tango on Ice prop w/poses (exclusive) 

 'Erm... I was sent to invite you to dance the best tango on ice ever'.
'Oh... I love tango... But to keep the white perfection you have to take off your shoes while dancing, man!'
'Mmmmmm you are really a great tango dancer, man. I will allow you to come back home if you bring my gift to the one who sent you here'.
Color Me Project
FurtaCor*All Glitter Dress::Gold and Dark Silver
!IT! - Sovereign Set 1
[DBF] for The Candy Cane Lane Gacha (rare) Noelle skin: Catwa Omega
* Inkheart *  All Eyes Calendar day 11 - Medusa Eyes - Fallen
Image Essential Body shot poses
'The only gift I will accept is the memory of this dance, my queen!'
 Pose by WETCAT (modified)
'Hun! Your coat, its beginning to snow again! Oh my, this boy is always day dreaming, if I didnt look after him, he would go barefoot in the snow... Hun!'

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