Sunday, December 6, 2015

DD is my neighbour

I couldnt convince Umami to come with us, and Indigo and I went to walk the devilish doggie and run errands.
~DressMe~ Xmas top Snowman
Imeka poses
Deco at the back by ASO!&Soothe Hana ga Saku (multi)
soothe ASO! KiraKira Drop for the Kira Kira Twinkle star

I still dont know much about my new neighbour and classmate. As he lives in the same building, I thought it would be ok to work with him for the class project.
AsHmOoT_ S/S Coll_Male T-Shirt+Shir and low waist jeans
{NanTra} Poses
He is quite nice to me, but he likes to play the badass, and i have noticed some girls are feeling impressed. In fact, I also accepted to work with him cause two girls of our class suddenly began an ugly argument to have him as partner, making Indigo seem rather uncomfortable. 
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 *Luckie* Revenge Haltie and Moonbean jeans
HUSH skins Jasmine Collection - Makeup1 - Butter
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SEQUIN EVENT  HANAU - Sweet Mrs. Santa
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Jasmine Collection - Makeup1 -  creamy
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Beloved Body Wrap Shape - Lucy
Imeka poses Nara

So when he told them he was sorry, but he was thinking about 'working with DD cause she is my neighbour' , I couldnt help but saying 'sure', to help him.
HUSH skins Jasmine butter
* Inkheart * Xmas manicure slink hud
HUSH skins Jasmine colection
* Inkheart *
 for the Peace on Earth hunt- Hope Eyes - Fraternity
for the Candy Cane hunt - Cotton candy eyes

As Rum said when I told him, 'yeah, I am afraid those slippery jeans he wears  can only bring him trouble'. :)
Le Poppycock- poses

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