Sunday, December 27, 2015

Punch all over my dress

 Someone spilled a huge bowl of punch over my dress.
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Eliza came laughing and took me to a bathroom, and not wanting to hear my 'its ok', stripped me from my dress.
'Im back with something', she said and left me alone in the dirtiest bathroom ever.
The party was crowded. People looked great on their elegant outfits. Eliza took Mick away saying they were back in a second. It was rude from her, but I was too surprised to react.
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After a while, I began noticing things were a bit weird. Two girls began fighting eachother. No one did anything to stop them, some laughed at the scene, but most of them didnt even pay attention.
Some people danced at the music laughing like maniacs and drinking as bears. It was all too loud, too much showing up. I saw couples entwined in kisses and caresses, while others stared at them, like watching a movie.
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And all the time I had that feeling of being in a nightmare. But Eliza had told us the streets werent safe till dawn, so we had to stay.
I quickly became quite popular... Yeah, almost all the guys came to see what they could get from me.
Just before I was showered in punch, I had rejected one more drunk guy asking me for a dance or a kiss or whatever. I was looking around for Mick, and then ... the shower.

Ugh. Eliza was taking too long. The bathroom was in a bedroom, and I got out to check.
The door opened and I turned while saying 'where have you been?'
But it was not Eliza. A man came in with an ugly smile.
'Awwww you missed me, didnt you?'
'Sorry, there is some mistake... Hey, stay there, dont move, dont...'
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(to be continued)

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