Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tears and the snow

The Instruments  Xen's Hats Winter Bolero Jacket 
ODDITY  jeans USA Grunge 
fi*Friday Fashion House Loordes of London-The Victorian Standard-P
 Imeka poses 
Umi is back home. She stayed a couple of days in the hospital, till her psychiatrist, Dr Hope, said she was ready to be back.
We all think we have been lucky she had Dr Hope as her doctor.
She didnt insist in calling Umami's mom, when she saw our friend almost had a panic attack when she proposed it. And Umami seems to like her a lot.

Now she has begun to get out for short walks, and she doesnt spend so much time in her room.

Yeah, she seems to be recovering a bit.
But I still keep my fingers crossed.

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