Saturday, January 23, 2016

Everybody here is a bit...

WellMade You Got Me Body/Jumpsuit
Quintessencia poses
So I was there, in that dirty bedroom with a drunk guy who seemed to think himself a gift of gods for women, when I heard Mick's voice outside, asking Eliza if she knew where I was.
'Mick!', I practically screamed, and he opened the door instantaneously.
'Mame? What the hell... Are you ok?'
'If you make this man out I will be much better'. I felt such a relief that I was about crying.'Eliza, could you please tell your friend to leave?'
HUSH skins  Amber skin Vanilla
WellMade Nocturna Maxi Dress
R.icielli poses 

The ghost girl was standing behind Mick. For some seconds I thought she was going to say no.  And for a crazy second, I think i saw her eyes change.
* Inkheart * Charming eyes turquoise and medusa eyes Sea
HUSH skins  Amber skin Vanilla
Then she giggled and called, 'C'mon Freddy, come with me, there is much more fun out there'.

TBO Alexander suit w/ tie
Image Essentials  Let me explain
Mick closed the door and turned to me.
'Erm, what happened to your dress?'
'Eliza took it when i was soaked in punch... But never came back with clean clothes... Mick, she is a bit...'
'Everybody here is 'a bit'', and he winked at me. 'A bunch of crazy goats, thats what they are. Lets get some clothes for you, and we will find a place in the building to hide for the rest of the night'.
ESSENAZ Boyfriend's Shirt
Electric Feel suit
Pose+ivity Pose 

I didnt want to stay alone while he went back to the locker room. But I didnt want to walk around in my lingerie...
Luckily,  Mick is a man of resources.

(to be continued)

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