Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We hid in the attic

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Looking for a place to hide from the party and its guests wasnt easy.
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Mick and I explored the building, but people seemed to be everywhere. Some were just drunk, others were really weird, and even menacing.
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One of the girls began shouting at me saying that I was dangerous and crazy. She came to me, and I thought she was going to beat me, but Mick stopped her and we managed to leave her there, while screaming like possesed.
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The scariest thing was that they looked like normal people, some of them were pretty girls and handsome boys... but they all were ... strange.
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When we climbed a narrow stair and found a little attic, with a dusty bed, Mick locked the door and moved a big sofa against it.
I let myself fall on the bed, and he laid by my side.
Furniture pose
It was a wide bed and the covers were old but seemed clean.
I slipped under the duvets. Mick asked if it was ok if he used the bed too. He had sat or laid on my beds in his zombie shape several times before. 
But things were a bit... different now. Or maybe not.
'Sure. Hey, now that you are not a zomb... a ghost.. just hope you dont snore'.
'Kick me if I do'.
I was exhausted and having him there made me feel safe. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. If we were lucky, we will find a way back to 'real world' in the morning.
(to be continued)

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