Friday, June 24, 2016

Rescue me

Vestige Creations poses
'Hey, Indigo. Could you please tell DD that I am here?'
'I know she is here'.
'Man, let me explain...'
EYELURE Bib denim and minicrop
StoraxTree Star mirror
 RK poses
I was locked in the bathroom, where i had hidden when  I came to pick him up to go for a McD dinner and he appeared half naked and pretended to seduce me.

I heard Rum's relaxed voice and jumped out to run to his arms.
In Stance  Take me home
'Oh my, my!'
'Shhhh, Im here love, u ok?'
'Now I am ok. Please, take me home'.

Pose+ivity Pose
Vestige Creations poses
-= First Choice  =-   Towel
A&D Vest and tShirt -Pitt and  Stonewashed denim Robert 
'Rum, let me explain, and dont be angry at her. These things happen, and...'
'What things?? Nothing happened!'
'I dont need any explanation. Lets go, love'
In Stance  Kiss
'Im so sorry, Rum... Thank you for rescuing me, I was so shocked I acted like a silly, I know...'
'No way, love, and its been the perfect excuse to see you sooner :)'
'I love you! This is a bit weird, Rum, I swear I didnt do anything to make him think I wanted anything with him, and he knows we are together, and... Hunnie, how did you manage to arrive so quick?'
'By helicopter. I had a car waiting for me so I got here from the heliport in a rush'
'You... kidding?'
'No, why? My girl asked for help'.

Sometimes I forget he is a super millionaire... But I never forget he is my superman.

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