Monday, November 21, 2016

Oh my my my

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Around midnight, I woke up from a nightmare, and feeling more hungry than angry.
I could still see one of those stupid favorites warning me in my dreams about losing Yago.
Yago. That stupid, disgusting lier. The boss.
Anger reappeared but my stomach roared and hunger won the battle.
I didnt want to see him, but I hoped he would be snoring on the couch, so I would have the kitchen all for me.
Yeah, I hoped.
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But there he was, sitting in front of the fridge, eating something.
'Hey', he said, and I looked at him in silence, thinking how damn good he looked in his pjs.
'I am starving, but there is only fruit and champagne here, want some?'
I was hungry. So i sat with him pretending I was not seeing his smile and said I didnt like champagne.
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'Taste this, grumpy mouse', he said and I accepted the cherries and then I looked at him and said, 'if you think for a minute that...'

He kissed me. And I kissed him back. 
Then he stroked my cheek and said, 'Im sorry. I didnt want to spoil it. Girls act so silly because of all that boss sh*t'.
'I bet. So, now, what?', and I added with a frown, 'I will never be part of that House of favs'.
His smile widened. 'Lets celebrate that', he said, opening a coke bottle.

Ooops! He said it was an accident  trying not to laugh, but I jumped over him  and, and ...And we... oh my oh my, we celebrated it, believe me.­čśť

Twe12ve Facepalm Sefa shirt and lingerie
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