Thursday, November 24, 2016

Socks love

'I have something for you to keep you warm'
'Mmmmm ... I see, and I think its going to keep me more than warm...'
SLC Lingerie Sweetheart black Appliers 99L for Black Friday Sales
 Animations roleplay
'No, silly! Open my gift box and try it!'

Twe12ve November round  The Artist Shed- furniture
Fusion101 Event House of Ruby male socks
'Ops, yes yes, sorry... Oh wow... socks... love them sweets, ty!'
'And now, let ME keep you warm, come here'
oOo Studio for N21
'Mmmmmm I love it too. And hun? You look sexy even in socks'.
'You mean 'specially in socks'... And , yes, I know I do, ty­čśť'

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