Monday, December 26, 2016

Desirable and vulnerable

Queen Of Ink Written Fiend Tattoo
Image Essentials Accesorise pose
After the dance, they sent me to a little dress room. I took off my make up and my clothes, and when I heard someone coming outside on the corridor, my heart sped up. It had to be him.

I wrapped myself in a towel. I had been planning to show him how angry I was, I was going to make him suffer for the past days, I... 
But now I knew I just wanted to have his blue eyes on me and see that mocking grin  again... and jump to his arms.
So I rushed and  sat on the floor, feeling so sexy and desirable. I would never admit how vulnerable and ready to cry I was ... and then the door opened.
But it was not Yago.

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