Monday, December 12, 2016

I dont understand it (and I dont want to)

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The reason of his not coming back was sweet and bitter.
Bronx told me it was too dangerous to be the boss' girl. His enemies would attack him through me. The outcast demons wouldnt stop it.
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Now I had to disappear for a while, and afterwards, I would get a new house and a new life. A life without him.

'It doesnt make much sense, Bronx, what about the favorites? Arent they in danger?', I asked.  I hated those girls who thought they had any rights on my Yago, but in my desperation, I even thought of living there if I could keep him.
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'No, hun, they are not in danger', Bronx said, and he let explode my rage and cursing till I began
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crying like a baby. Then he sat by my side and stroked my hair.
'Girl, dont cry. Dont you understand? Its not the same'.
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'No, I dont understand! Why is it different?'

'No one can hurt him by using those girls', and he smiled wiping my tears with his finger.' He doesnt love them, silly. '.

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