Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lets dance

WellMade Ohana Skirt
The Naughty List Sweet Evil - BabyGirl Tanks
Vestige Creations Astride  poses
So, three girls were selected for a private dance for the boss, and after the dance he would choose his favorite for the night.

Of course I was one of them. And I didnt give a damn about the others, I was sure he would not resist it if I surprised him this way.

We dressed (undressed) for the dance. Then a security man appeared and called out,  'Melissa, follow me'.
The girl smiled with a disgusting superiority and moved her hand in a mocking bye-bye, like saying, 
'go home,  you have no chances'.
I ignored her. 
I could hear the music in the distance. Then the security man came back and the blondie followed him.
Hashtag Events Le Fashion Whore - Holly Boots
*Queen oF Ink - Floral Moose Tattoo
 Chic Princess NO MERCY Sexy  Outfit
DS'ELLES - Stand pose - In The Light- 10 poses

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