Sunday, December 18, 2016

The contest

I walked around, trying to find Yago. I hide behind the groups of chatting people, trying to not call anybody's attention.
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Label Motion
Then I heard music on the next room and excited male voices, and decided to see what was so fun. Was Yago there? But when I was about getting in, a big man in uniform blocked the door and asked me with a frown if I was one of the girls in the contest. 
'Yes', I said, ready to be whatever I needed to be to see what was going on in there. 
'The door to the dressing room is at your right', he said.
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I went to the dressing room without arguing. There  were several girls there, and a woman told me to choose my outfit and get ready. 
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Ready for...?
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Oh. It was a catwalk... One of the girls laughed saying she (no doubt!) would be one of the three to be chosen to dance in front of the boss.
And then I knew I had to be one of the other two.

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