Saturday, December 3, 2016

The goddess is having a bad day

Did you have a bad day? Wait till you hear about mine, then you ll think yours was awesome.
EYELURE LacedBack Top and denim skirt
old pose not available
 And after telling you about my sh*tty day Ill tell you that it hasnt ended yet,  cause  I have a party tonight, and my ex will be there with his new girl.
lets change the bad day into a good one, making him regret dumping the SEXIEST AND MORE BEAUTIFUL girl in the room (me).

First: a bubble bath
Awwwww this is heaven!
This goddess will share her splendorous beauty with the mortals... lets take a selfie for my twitter.
SLC Mesh Cuddle Robe with Slippers black
Vestige Creations Selfie poses
OPS! My cell slipped , and ... 

Definitively, not a good day.

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