Sunday, January 29, 2017

Demons can fight

The war made the Cradle, (and us, its caretakers), move to a hidden place in the mountain, away from the city.
There we kept our peaceful life. 

I loved it there, the place, (a bit spooky), the little babies, and the guys working with me. 
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It really made me feel good, cause it was like a  family. A family was something I had never worshiped before, but now it felt like a balsam  for my broken heart .
And then, one morning, I was hurrying to the kitchen when  the chaos began.
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I saw it from the stairs. Rain was surrounded by outcast demons. She was absolutely terrified. I knew how she felt, cause i had been there before.
The wrath blurred my sight and I screamed in rage. Rod appeared at the other door and displaying his big wings, jumped against the group, while shouting, 'Run, Rain, run!'.

 One of the outcasts stopped him, beating him hard and rejecting him against the wall. Angels are good at flying, and had some other abilities, but they are not specially good at fight.
But we, demons, are.
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I let my wings and my dangerous tail show and ran to the outcasts. I was going to kill them all. I was going to make them pay for my kidnapping, for ruining my future with Yago, and for their daring to come here to attack my little world again

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I shouted at Rod, 'Take Rain away!', while I saw Bronx running to help me against the outcasts.
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Woot, Bronx could fight too. We rose fire against the outcasts' fire, we were beaten but beat them back, and beat harder.
Suddenly a cold wind filled the room, stopping the fire. The outcasts regrouped and kept defense position.
'Hey! Stop! Stop it! NOW!', I heard at my back.
Bronx looked at me, surprised, but I didnt give a damn about that voice, and I jumped again over the outcasts.

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