Friday, September 12, 2014

Can you help me?

Loordes of London for The Thrift Shop
Dr.Shoeseurs Shoes, Sondrio jeans and The Joplin Rock
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So, Ree stayed to face madame la concierge if she came for a visit, and i went upstairs to meet the pirate, the one who could help us to hide our dog.
There was only one door at the attic, and i knocked feeling a bit silly. What was i going to say to the stranger' 'Hello, Im your neighbour, can you please hide my horrible chiuaua? And oh, beware cause she bites like a devil'.

Ok... someone was coming, i heard the steps. And the door opened.
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And yes, no worries, to be continued.

Loordes of London for The Thrift Shop 
Dr.Shoeseurs Shoes

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