Friday, September 12, 2014

If you dont mind my advice...Run!

While we were having breakfast, Umi was in a hurry cause she had to meet her teacher, and Silence was saying he was going with her, and later we can meet and... when Jerry the neighbour appeared, surrounded by his usual pets.
Before i could invite him to have some pancakes, he said, 'the witch is back and I have heard Tony Fartface knocking at her door. Guys, if you dont mind my advice,... RUN to my flat'.
HEYDRA Kyle Hoodie w/HUD  and  Jayden Pants
Decor Junction Mesh trunk
Axix poses
Rum and Silence got up in a rush and followed him (Rum carried the breakfast with him, he was loving it! :) )
V-Spot "DeadLeaf" Shirt GROUP GIFT
HEYDRA  Jayden Pants
Vestige poses Edward pose set
Ufffff, ty ty Jerry! But then Umami whispered, 'and  Sexy?'
[ L3S ]  LADY MERMAID outfit : shoes, dress and jacket w/ HUD
skbio Poses
Jerry turned around and said, 'go to the attic, the pirate will help with that'
The pirate? Oh my, but what kind of neighbourhood is this? (To be continued)
[ L3S ]  LADY MERMAID outfit : shoes, dress and jacket w/ HUD

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