Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Goddess of the Storms (Pirates tale)

This is the story of the most beautiful pirate ever...
The Candy factory Lyrieal's Boutique Pirate gal
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Beautiful and dangerous
The Candy factory :Ez's: Elegant Captain
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Yeah, she was very dangerous, and they all respected her as the Goddess of the Storms.
The Candy factory Lyrieal's Boutique Pirate gal
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Everybody was careful to not cross his path with the Goddess... Every body but Captain Clay.
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OPS! Hey hey, what the... this is a pirates tale!
The Candy factory [Sour Pickles] Salty Sailor Wench Outfit Mint
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Yeah, so this kid was too bold or too silly and one day...
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Anyway, the thing is that silly or not, the guy really could talk or/and he was damn sexy, but when he was walking the plank, he turned to the Goddess and convinced her to hire him and go for the golden island...

And while they did, of course they fell in love.
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The Candy factory [KRC] Hipster PiratesTank Tops
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But thats another tale, and Ill tell you about it another day. If you ask me to.
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