Friday, April 17, 2015

What do I wear for this special weekend?

Pose fair 2015 Ma vie
Last days have been hectic, the girls and I have been deciding what I had to wear in my first visit to the Van der Kerks.

I asked Rum what should i wear for the party, and he is clever enough to know i wouldnt accept a whatever, so he called his bro's girlfriend and came back with  'a cocktail dress' as answer.

I was going to be there just a couple of days,but i needed something to wear for friday dinner, then saturday lunch, saturday eve - the party ,and sundayfamily lunch, and then (if i survive)  we would be back home.
Portobello Road Loordes of London-Parisian Nights shoes
Loordes of London-Arezzo Jeans
fi*Friday Fashion House  Loordes of London-En Vogue earrings
Loordes Of London-Thrift Shoppe Secret wednesday La Mans Shirt
Body & Soul Avatars DD's is an old skin, but you can find amazing designs here!
TAMELESS Sweet hair
[BUC] Cubik Watches
Pose fair 2015 Ma vie poses

Yes, Im so nervous I cant do anything but thinking about the weekend since I told Rum I would go to his mom's party with him!!!
Campus Sweats   Pink10 -  Tank over Bikini Top   PinkBunny - Kicks Tennies  - Pink Hearts
EVA Vestige Cassiopea poses
StoraxTree Furniture

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