Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy ending

Saturday... Bf and I had to renounce to our weekend adventure. But he told me about the Castle theme park, and we decided to go there in the evening  ... if my homework allowed it.

Trying to hurry things up, i invited my classmates home.
Mom was superhappy about it, and i almost had to push her out to stop her being too kind :))

And once more, we tried to find a good story that could please everybody.

The truth is everybody wanted to collaborate, but we couldnt agree on the subject. The target was to find a good idea everybody could share and add a bit of her/his own  to it. I just wanted to finish with it before Bf arrived,  but my classmates didnt seem to be able to agree on anything.

I had never talked much to those people, but that afternoon we talked a bit about eachothers and the plans the homework was interfering. The girls loved to gossip about my having a boyfriend , and they approved my visiting the theme park saying it was an amazing place.

And time flew, and Bf arrived. I introduced him to my friends, and i was so tired of fighting with the homework that i said i was thinking about giving up. But of course, mom didnt agree.

But suddenly, Sugar Suz and k8 began saying, yeah yeah, but its done, its done! You can go, DD. We just have to write it down, but WE GOT IT!
And i decided that i was not going to ask WHAT?? and i just RAN! But im looking forward monday, to see what they have done!


Promo Complete outfit
Carisma Creations   

   Sugar Suz

Lena dress
& Frenzy  boots  

Bliss code
HooDgirlz Design

Crash sweater

DD's home drawings as well as Bf's shirt design are Jak Gibberish's  

House of Gibberish

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