Sunday, November 27, 2011

Final draft

(In red you see the last corrections. After some arguments in the group,  they wont appear in final composition)

This is the story of a (hot)girl whose boyfriend called her princess. She was crying cause she had to work and couldnt go with him to the Castle theme park, and have a ride on the Crazy Mouse, the new attraction everybody talked about.
She had a terrible war with her (hot) mom who said (boring) work was the most important.  Then the boyfriend arrived as a (superhero)  charming  princeand helped her with the homework. And they ride his bike and had a lot of fun and (sex)  kisses  at the park.
                                                                  THE END

                                                            by DD, K8, PB & Sugar Suz

Cashmere Skating Outfit for the Peace on Earth hunt by Paris Metro Couture
SKIN  Akeruka Italian Creations

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