Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Awwww love him'

I am beginning to think i am going to have busy winter holidays. Homework begins to grow piles high!
The problem is when i dont depend only on me to get it done.
And the dance teacher told us something horrible. I have to find a partner for the dance exam!! I saw people joining happily, but of course, no one asked me to be her/his partner. UGH
And when i was leaving the classroom...

Yes, yes but who is HIM?

Oh my! This is big drama! Even I, just arrived, know that Gott is nuts about Sugar Suz.
He is the football team captain (like Bf !), and all the girls like him cause he is cute and sexy. On the other hand, he is a good student. But Sugar Suz doesnt seem very impressed ...poor guy.

And poor sweet Minnie... how can she compete with the most popular girl in the school?

Keep me warm. This outfit goes with lovely neko tail and ears!!
Winter dream

Sugar Suz 
Smexy Winter

Outfits from Beautiful Dirty Rich

for the Winter Fair (ends on 17 dec)
         Super detailed, all in several colors and awesome fitting!!!!

Snowflake jeans & Fuzzy sweater ... CUTE!! (in different warm colors!)
Boots Snuggies Apple May Designs

The best in pinterest :)