Monday, December 12, 2011

Broken heart (not really)

MOna and H are not together anymore.
Lil' told me H was moving because of his dad's new job. As a result, his story with MOna was over.
Lil' said MOna was not as sad as they expected her to be, but they all thought she was just being brave and not showing drama.
Oh my, I cant imagine my life without Bf, how could she be so calm and brave?
I had to admit her relationship was a bit different from mine, cause H was a crazy kid and she liked too
much to flirt with everybody...
And the fact was she seemed not very drama but ... being rebuilding quite fast!
And MOna was considering the idea of redecorating her romantic life, as my granny would say.

Oh my my my. She is a lovely girl, but we all know the intelligence is not her point. Fortunately, she was pretty enough to make any boy tell her she was the smartest girl ever, in case she asked.
She was getting late and i helped her with her long hair. She put her make up on and checked her closet for a sexy dress ...

Then her mobile rang and MOna said we had to go, Crash was waiting at the door. She invited me to join them, but i declined, i had a date ... with my homework.

 And, well,  I came back home thinking we didnt have to worry about MOna's broken heart. She had glued the pieces nicely!


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