Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Loulou's secret

Loulou and I have been working together,  collecting different plants and organizing them in an album for the biology class. She is not lazy, though she never shows much interest in class.  She doesnt have close friends, and seems always to be in a hurry. And yesterday i knew why.
We were saying bye after working a while in our album, and she was hurrying so much that her papers fell and some pictures show. And wow, they were amazing.

'Oh my Loulou, you look super pretty, what is this?' She blushed and took the pics from my hands hidding them in a rush. 'Shhh DD, dont tell please'. 'No worries, i wont , im sorry, but i couldnt help but seeing them'.
We walked together to take the school bus and she told me she was working as  fashion model. Her parents didnt like her to do it and she was not telling anybody. I promised i would keep her secret, and she said 'i trust you'. 
People in this school is quite different from the nuns' school ... but i think i like them :)

This awesome  outfits and more are part of the Lemania Indigo's designs for the   Bizarre Behavoir Hunt

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