Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting ready for Xmas

I know Christmas is here when granny calls me to help her with grandad's train. My grandad loved trains and had a wonderful collection. When he died, granny only kept the 'Xmas train'. Every Christmas, grandad filled the train with little gifts and goodies making all the kids in the family the happiest children in the world :)

Then she gives me some of her best home made cookies with big glass of milk ... ahhhhhhh i love these busy days getting things ready for Santa!
This year gifts wont be big deal, after mom losing her job... But dreaming is free!

Isnt this dress cute?

Oh and wouldnt mom be lovely on these ones?
 It would be  great if we could spend a lot of money and also, have places to go wearing like this :)

I bet Bf would love calling me  princess while i were wearing this sweet outfit!

This would look good for a business day ... at school :P

And what about  a SEXY day at school ? :)
Oh and its time for all those good resolutions for the new year... let me check my list....

The outfits and poem skin* are made by Lestat Reuven and you can find them at the Bizarre Behavoir Hunt
*Ludmilla model shape by  *ANNA SHAPES*

All these sweet deco things are from                
Sour Pickles
included the panties for the Depraved winter hunt :) 

The best in pinterest :)