Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can u dance?

 On monday, miss Denise put little papers with the name of the songs in a bag, and every couple took one. 
I loved the song Silence and i had to dance, but i also  was really worried. I like to dance, but i have never done anything like a choreography. Bf is a great dancer and i only have to follow him when we are on the floor.

The twins joked about being the winners in all the dance competitions they took against their cousins. Minnie told me their dad had been a famous dancer, and they had been taking dance classes from the day they could walk.
Yes he was super nice, but, could he do it? Anyway, we didnt have so much time, and he told me he would prepare something and show me next day... and ran away from us.
The twins asked me if i wanted to see her 'first rehearsal' . Wow what a pair! In only 24 hours, they had the choreography almost done. I was so amazed at the result that they made fun of my open mouth.
But i was sure the final result would be terrific...  I almost can see it...

Leopard outfit

London Tweed
 The twins and DD 
wear   Siss Boom

Only John Unisex tshirt by CD
                   Isnt this cute? And it changes colours!                    
                       .:Shush:. for Whatever Hunt

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