Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter time necklace (Shhhhhhh)

When Silence called me , I knew the dance for our exam was just a weak excuse to ask me about Loulou.
It was fun cause few minutes later, my friend called me saying  'im so bored i could die!' and we went out for some shopping, looking for the wonderful first sales after Xmas.

Her mobile rang several times in five minutes, but she didnt answer.
'Its him again', she mumbled, turning it off after the last call. 'Silence?' i said, feeling sorry for him.
'Silence? No,  its Marlow!'
Yes, Missy. If you dont remember her,  Ill tell you she is not what you would call Loulou's best friend. and Marlow had something to do with it.
Missy didnt know about NYE's  'little disagreement' between Loulou and Marlow, but someone had told her about their having a date that day, and she was not in her best mood. She talked to us as if the store were hers.

After a while i was really tired of hearing them talking to eachother as witches, and all because of  a guy like Marlow! UFF

I couldnt help but feeling a bit sorry for Missy, but i thought she was not being fair to Loulou. After all, she didnt even like Marlow!
... did she?
Because, a while later, in another store , we were in the changing room and i saw the lovely  necklace she was ... hidding?

It looked like a  lovely piece of winter time...And seems it has to be kept shhhhhhh secret.

 YES, if you suspect who gave it to her, it was HIM.

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